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PCA Links - many more may be found on Alan and Peter's sites.

(the second and fourth on this list)

There's a wonderful medical link on Matt's site.


The Sage of Asheville


Some places I've enjoyed.

These are a few bookmarks I didn't have time to show at my Internet presentations.

A great place for musi, a Bach Invention, anyone?

Nice to know that some of the classics and others are available free (6000 at my last look).

Some interesting articles by leading contemporary scientists and other authors.

One of many good guides to the Web. His World Wide Web Unleashed is a good book.

A good place for scientific articles.

To illustrate the use of streaming video ( already available for courses in a number of fields). Here the Math Institute at Berkeley with its policy of outreach makes it possible for anyone with Web access and the RealNet Player of MS Media Player to attend some of its lectures and courses. Stanford has a Computer Systems course...

The New York Review of Books in case you missed an issue this year.

A great site for a frustrated classicist amongst others.

Many interesting articles and programs on complexity and more.