As I See It


by Ruth Sanford





For me there is a Camelot. It is part of my reality as Santa Claus is part of my reality.


When I was four years old, my parents explained to me that there is a Santa Claus, that they were Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus because they loved me, and that they gave me gifts because they loved me. That assurance has stayed with me. I can see the living room where they sat with me on my father's lap as they told me. It was in the little three-room house my father had built with my help; I sat on the end of the plank to keep it steady while he sawed.


One of the closest, dearest persons I have known is part of camelot for me, opening up more and more a world of what can be, of "miracles that grow out of readiness and openness and trust of self and others - a daring to trust and risk, an inner strength to go with the vision of what can be, and then being an active part of making it happen. The vision may, as Richard Burton sings in the musical, be but one brief, shining moment, but the power of that vision can change a reality of closedness to one of expansiveness and discovery and can change the focus of a life.


There is a Camelot. I believe that each ofus has a Camelot if we can but come into our own bright sunlight and not feel blinded by the vision or turn away because it hurts our eyes.


Ruth Sanford