A Letter Written Too Late

by Ruth Sanford

March 4,1987 (a month after Carl's death)



Dear Carl,can you guess what I saw

Under the dogwood tree

This morning?

You would have so enjoyed them -

Delicate white bells

Of snowdrops blooming

Among brown leaves of last year's summer,

Standing straight and strong

In early March's frigid winds.

You would have touched them gently, I know,

Cupping them in your left hand,

And smiled.

But wait! This afternoon

In the sunny sheltered corner

By the back stoop -

You know, where the leaves are not yet out

On the great maple tree

So the sun comes early there

And stays late

The daffodils are up - six inches high,

And budded!

It's almost April.

And living things are bursting into life,

Renewed and bright ---

But, my dear Carl, you couldn't wait.

You couldn't wait!