White Light


by Ruth Sanford


I would wrap you in a blanket

Of white light

For in its whiteness it carries

All of the colors

Of heaven and earth.

I would send you a blanket

To warm your nights,

To rest lightly about you,

Touch you and not confine.

I would hang in your window

A prism of light by day

To draw to yourself

The radiance of the sun,

To dance and play

About the serious discipline

Of your mind,

And touch your face

Your mouth, your hands

In happy flight.

I would send to you

A presence

To sit by you

And hover there

By day, by night,

To walk with you along the beach

And touch your eyes with seeing

And bless your food;

To cradle your rooms

And make them yours

Your place in all the world.

These gifts I send,

All three, but one.

And the name of them

Is love.