Papers and Publications



Creativity and Intelligence: Implications for Counselors (1964,Revised 1986,presented to the American Personnel and Guidance Association)

Loving with an Open Hand from a 1978 column of As I See It in the Seaford Wantagh Observer

Unconditional Positive Regard: A Misunderstood Way of Being (1987 in Spanish translation), Journal de Psicologia

Beginning of a Dialogue in South Africa (1983) Counselling Psychologist

Client – Centered Psychotherapy (1984,1989), in Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry IV,V, eds. H. Kaplan and B. Saddock, Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins

An Inquiry into the Evolution of Client – Centered Psychotherapy (1987) New York: Brunner / Mazel

Client – Centered Psychotherapy (1990) in What is Psychotherapy: Contemporary Perspectives, Jeffrey Zeig and Michael Munion, eds., San Francisco: Jossey – Bass

Conversation at Terschelling (in response to the question "what was it like to have worked closely with Carl Rogers? " ) ,Vth International Forum,1993,the Netherlands

From Rogers to Gleick and Back Again: The Theory of the Person – Centered Approach and the Theory of Chaos (1993) in Beyond Carl Rogers: Towards a Psychotherapy for the 21st Century, ed. David Brazier, London: Constable

Human Science and the Person – Centered Approach: An Inquiry into the Inner Process of Significant Change within Individuals (1994) Person-Centered Journal Volume 1,Number 3, Athens, GA: Elliott and Fitzpatrick

On Becoming Who I Am … (1995) in Positive Regard: Carl Rogers and other Notables He Influenced, ed. Melvin Suhd, Palo Alto: Science and Behavior Books

The Meaning of Carl Rogers at the Opening of the 21st Century (1997) in Mouvance Rogerienne,1ere partie, Chevilly-Larue: Micheline Bezaud

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